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Torque Intelligent Sensor

Electric bicycle torque intelligent sensor (known as PAS\ torque sensor\1:1 power-assisted). It is a high-tech component designed for electric bicycle with ergonomics. It has superiority to match well with all electric bicycles available in the market.? It employs the dual-magnetic loop - Hall elastic angle difference to detect the dynamic torque, which is converted to DC signal and sent to the controller.

Torque adjustor
1.five levels assistant power switch function
2.Battery display functio

Brushless controller


  1. Small and exquisite,SIZE: 84x55x25mm
  2. Low limiting electricity, 36V---8~9A; 24V---12~14A
  3. Using the method of voltage and current dual control, so it can save more battery, smoother, lower noise



You can bring excess profits and the ability of a relatively unique intelligent torque sensor!Develop, and give priority to seize the international market, from a low technology cont
-ent of the fierce competition !Small and light, high scientific and technological content of high-grade electric bicyc-
leFully comply with the European Union, Japan and other developed countries electric bicycle standard PAS to lead your business and products in the world follow the front.
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