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At present our company has developed sensing device of intelligent electric bicycle has reached the international advanced level,which also have been sold to the European Union and Japan and other developed countries. In this process, we developed our talent team, have a clear knowledge and understanding of the whole system of electric bike and have a thorough research of the torque sensor performance, completed the machinery and electronics circulation work.
Meanwhile, we were already owned independent technical intellectual property, including mechanical structure design, electronic circuit design, software design and ownership, and had gained several national patents. Through years of unceasing development perfect and accumulated experience, we have developed the "zero start" type torque sensor, that means that our products will become domestic origination of high-grade tooth disc torque sensor.


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You can bring excess profits and the ability of a relatively unique intelligent torque sensor!Develop, and give priority to seize the international market, from a low technology cont
-ent of the fierce competition !Small and light, high scientific and technological content of high-grade electric bicyc-
leFully comply with the European Union, Japan and other developed countries electric bicycle standard PAS to lead your business and products in the world follow the front.
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