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Patent Technology Overview

Current domestic electric bicycle is pure electric cars mainly Europe and the United States while torque electric cars mainly smart, we compare two ways this can be found:

1. Say if the effort is pure electric, but if you speak the same battery capacity milestone in the life of electric cars has its smart clear advantage.

2. Wind, carrying, climbing, and other high torque output, pure electric vehicles without good cycling functions, "difficult" is in the affirmative.

3. Battery life: pure electric cars electric current output is generally twice as smart cars, smart cars will be good electrical currents on the initiation of control, so the pulse current and average output current are less than pure electric vehicles for battery speaking on the current discharge large current discharge to a long life more.

4. Ability of the accident: no electricity, no motor to, or forget to recharge rechargeable insufficient use, the Panel hopes quickly in an emergency, the smart car is riding winners.

5. Milestone in the same range of the electric vehicle smart cars and light weight: motor and battery weight can be reduced to facilitate the consumers save manufacturers the cost of materials.

6. Electric smart cars leisure fitness function.

7. Meet Europeans and the concept of demand, and export foreign currency.

8. Electrical / Intelligent Switching to meet people of different age, physical condition and energy saving requirements. (Intelligence can be high, medium and low; 3 auxiliary power ratio).

That is our analysis, in accordance with this goal, after a year of hard work, we have developed this cycle can be applicable to electric cars torque intelligent system! Patent Application No.: 200420024503.4

This new practical purposes:
Intelligent electric bicycles provide a sensor device, the device will be the central axis between the fixed and sprocket drive torque transmission made in the electric bicycle resistance, sprocket behind the axis, the time lag through the set magnet and a Hall element signals, the signals transmitted to the controller regulates output current or voltage, to help speed the role of common good.

Nickel-Hydrogen Technology Overview

Nickel-metal hydride battery is pollution-free alloy and alkaline electrolyte (fertilizer) composed of high-quality, environment-friendly battery real. With the current use of a wide range of lead-acid batteries, compared to its features are:
1, large capacity
2, light weight
3, long life
4, environmental protection

You can bring excess profits and the ability of a relatively unique intelligent torque sensor!Develop, and give priority to seize the international market, from a low technology cont
-ent of the fierce competition !Small and light, high scientific and technological content of high-grade electric bicyc-
leFully comply with the European Union, Japan and other developed countries electric bicycle standard PAS to lead your business and products in the world follow the front.
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