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JCP sensor Profile
Electric Bicycle intelligent sensor (also known as: PAS/PedElec/1: 1 booster, in English: Intelligent Sensor / Torque Sensor) is the body kinematics and electric bicycles based on the integration of high-tech products for the large number of users with a new The electric car components with our current domestic electric vehicles e-
xcellent good match, is the mechanical, electronic, software, and the organic combination of magnetic components, the system in a dual magnetic circuit - Hall flexible angle difference of dynamic torque principle, the dynamic torque signal into a DC output signal to the controller.
Patent No.: 2004 2 0024503.4.
? JCP intelligent sensor characteristics and advantages:
1. High universality: applicable to brush / brushless, high / low speed controller - Electrical system, 24 V/36V power GM; apply to ordinary D-axis electric bike.
2. Facilitate entry: ordinary bike with the same tooth-entry, install all the same size.
3. Auxiliary power switch function: to torque regulator, a stall auxiliary power switch and power than the display function (usually displayed electricity, switching auxiliary power than the show, three seconds after the show resumed electricity); with electric, dynamic dual-control help auto-switching capability.
4. Ride comfort: With mobility, and the linear range torque, Afterburner delicate, soft, smooth, and there are different Afterburner shifting feelings.
5. Extend battery life: As used in pure electric current is about half to avoid the large current discharge of battery damage. Power-saving function: to further improve the life vehicle mileage.
6. Afterburner and speed of a compensation system configuration features: according to the user's Cycle approach and controller - Electrical matching change: torque parameters of the compensation amount and speed parameters of the compensation amount.
7. Good security: ease-start stop cycling action within one second after the power; interference capability: You can work in the muddy water.
8. Speed functions: the vehicle can set a maximum speed transmission ratio (such as: 25 km / h without).
9. Nonzero start function: to increase the electrical, not stamping on the foot when the electric starter to fail.
10. Controller using the company's dual voltage and current control methods, it is more energy-efficient, smooth soft, lower noise, vehicle sleep function, reducing the volume of purpose is the better choice (size: 84 x55x25mm )
The combination of modular design concept: the system can be carried out in accordance with the user's requirements functional composition. (Such as instrument components, dual-function components of the governor, the controller in the form of components, etc.). And any one of the products both at home and abroad, compared to a more open interface, more versatile, and more cost-effective, functional prices.

You can bring excess profits and the ability of a relatively unique intelligent torque sensor!Develop, and give priority to seize the international market, from a low technology cont
-ent of the fierce competition !Small and light, high scientific and technological content of high-grade electric bicyc-
leFully comply with the European Union, Japan and other developed countries electric bicycle standard PAS to lead your business and products in the world follow the front.
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