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1, what is the torque electric bicycle intelligent sensor?

A: As the name suggests is a cycle functions for the electric bike, a human foot of torque function of size, full function of promoting human kinematics sensor; under one foot torque of the size and frequency of different high and low output voltage signal ; signal through the controller input voltage electrical currents, said that white is formed by the body of cycling; this Japanese car called PAS (Power Assistant System) cars, the Europeans called PedElec (foot calls), also called intelligent assistant power (Intelligent moped), and some people call 1:1 assistance (out of a motor out of a force). .

2, intelligent torque sensor uses?

Answer: General Electric Bicycle installed in the form of electric bikes, electric cars has changed the traditional way of cycling, it is the most human characteristics of the electric bicycle Afterburner critical components, it allows you to the Afterburner Afterburner, (such as uphill , with things) and not too strong and not too vigorously, (such as the wind, Ping Road Cycle). So that they will reach safety, power, the purpose of leisure fitness can be used as a short-haul transport. As avoid the large current discharge, but also greatly enhanced battery life (especially for lithium, the small-capacity nickel-metal hydride battery valuables). At present, many manufacturers in the country to fierce competition in the market by looking for new selling points to increase market share the objective of our products primarily directed at the 15 EU countries jointly developed the electric bicycle and regulations, Japan, Singapore, and other countries and regulations (must foot stamping on the Afterburner requirements) and the development of design, and therefore high-end exports, a key component of electric vehicles.

3, Czech Republic-sensor What is the basic principle?

Answer: Suzhou McNair Technology Co., Ltd-Intelligent torque sensor is the company's patented products, it introduced a new concept, is a dual-Magnetic Magnetic - Hall sensor is a non-contact dynamic torque sensor, the so-called dual-active magnetic circuit is magnetic and passive magnetic circuit, through the flexibility of the angular displacement were measured magnetic active and passive magnetic circuit between the angle difference, and through the development of a variety of professional judgement, processing functions SCM will be measured angle after a poor signal processing approach to analog signal input controller, the controller under the control of the size of the electrical signal output power. Therefore it is a concentration of mechanical, electronic, software, integrated magnetic high-tech products.

4, Czech Republic-sensor unique?

Answer: Czech Republic-Czech-sensor is independent development of the patented product, through all three years of research and development and improvement, increased product is currently in a number of functions similar lead to domestic products, but also on the international community not aware that any company's products technically, versatility, function, price-leading products in the Czech Republic; compared with the similar products of the Czech Republic-torque sensors:

A. super GM: GM-bike in a brush brushless motor system, common to 24 V, the high and low speed 36V electrical system, to the manufacturers is not only convenient, but no replacement or designated and motor controller , saving the costs of procurement for manufacturers.

B. The matching function can be set, its unique settings and the function of not only electric cars to the coupling match, a good man-machine interface anastomosis, but also to the different sales targets, standards and regulations of different countries to set up micro - be adjusted to manufacturers and customers to communicate and reach a consensus in the parameters of the Czech-setting function of torque not only set the parameters of the kinetic energy and high-speed compensation settings, it can be said not only to meet the requirements of JIS Japan (JIS standards for the more than 15 kilometres per hour for each additional one kilometer Afterburner attenuation 1 / 9, that is, the smaller the sooner the Afterburner) and to meet the European Union and the normal cycle Afterburner requirements. Users can cycle the process according to its own customers or the requirements set Afterburner adjustment, once volume production will be set as long as the parameters told McNair-without each set.

C. Super ability to adapt to the environment: in the long-term immersion in water turbidity of the normal work of this kind in the current sensor is unique.

D. ease of installation: one more film in the installation only to the central axis on the right side of a bowl, put axis (the axis can be fixed on the chain cover stent from the 36 centres play a diameter of 6 mm to the only hole), with the crank sprocket install the same set of the D-axis body at the same time, only to resell only to the sets of holes, screwed tightly onto the shaft nut, then the connectors can be inserted properly.

E. smooth riding comfort: the targets have been the feeling of security and as a basis for Cycle pulsating small, fast start, and stop when the cycle power within one second. With the Japanese Industrial Standard JIS D 9207 for the reference (not the current domestic product standards) and, in conjunction with the United States and other countries, taking full account of the different requirements of the comprehensive analysis on the basis of an increase of more extensive, common to all.

F. McNair-use intelligent torque sensor is not alone when customers save money, but to let customers in the province of the place and time should not be in place in time and not provinces, thus greatly improving the utilization of the battery.

G. intelligent electric double control: the Czech Republic-a smart sensor to achieve electrical / help move the purpose can be used to meet different customer requirements and customer choice, McNair-smart sensor at the same time electrical / power auto-switching capability and ; 3 auxiliary power ratio (Human: power) switching function.

5, intelligent torque and speed bikes than cars What are the advantages?

A: For example: If a 24 V8AH batteries, electrical state can be sustained 24 km, a speed sensor in the general conditions will be 26 to 28 km, Czech Republic-torque sensor in almost the same feeling of 1:1 can be closed about 46 km. Intelligent Torque Sensor neither Caikong feeling uphill Afterburner large, people like Ping Road cycling in general and the speed sensor output settings, the high foot equivalent to turn on the power switch, not the manpower to output set the inability of low increasingly uphill, speed sensor and not the people of Afterburner good match, very uncomfortable when people cycling, it is not real smart sensors, we have some people call "false intelligence", why in this. It can truly be said, "Who knows with whom."

6, a Czech-torque sensor intelligent analysis of the economic benefits and social benefits

Answer: In the current global energy shortage, and prices are rising under the premise of electric bicycle as a tool for travel has been generally recognized by the people, while the electric car also has set higher requirements, such as energy-saving, environmental protection, efficient, as Electric cars have common sense will know that the electric car battery life of the electric car is one of the key performance, and battery electric vehicles as different from ordinary mobile phones, computers, batteries, it is a power-type batteries, and large current discharge is the driving force Battery characteristics, but no batteries in the large current discharge compared with the small-current discharge, have different levels of life expectancy decreased for lead-acid batteries, large current discharge of electric cars in less than a year life expectancy, and the small-current discharge electric vehicles can be two years or even three years. We use torque sensor, in the same mileage range, according to 1:1 assistance, is current is only half of pure electric vehicles, through our optimization of the characteristics of Afterburner, also makes a significant decline in the maximum current (only more than half of that required), so that our electricity was only half a pure electric vehicles, such as the battery by 36 V12AH, pure electric tariff for 0.30 yuan a day, and intelligent vehicles for 0.15 yuan, by pure electric vehicles 1 year of battery life, battery 300 yuan each, the total annual cost: 0.30 yuan x365 +300 dollar = 409.5 yuan, while moped each battery can be used for more than two years, according to two years for the calculation of total costs: 205 yuan, save about 200 yuan, the cost is more than the cost of sensors that can be less than one year to recover costs by an electric car for three years, from 600 yuan can be saved by five years would save 1,000 yuan. Scrapped from the battery of speaking, less scrap batteries could be reduced by 50 per cent, which will reduce the number of batteries and the demand may be caused by pollution? At present the European Union has taken a lead-acid batteries mandatory imports, even if we adopt new energy sources, such as lithium, and high costs for export is one of the bottleneck, but a smart sensors improve the way life can be reduced mileage battery The capacity can be regarded as a cost-saving function of price increase than the good method, but also the most developed countries to meet the requirements of laws and regulations, car exports jumped out of low-grade "dumping" suspects.

7, Czech Republic-Sensor reliability?

Answer: McNair-crank sprocket sensors are used internally renowned manufacturers crank sprocket standard parts, from the restructuring through to two years of testing, and environmental testing and use on its fully open to the different environment, whether it is rain, mud, and other extreme evil slightly under the condition of not cleaning can not maintain the normal work of a "veteran" of the last two years after we test the product into the market, and therefore the reliability of the products we are filled with confidence.

8, Czech Republic-sensor is to protect the quality?

Answer: McNair-although using sensor OEM way, but McNair-companies in order to achieve good quality, and a self-developed parts of the testing equipment, tooling and testing process documents, the development of technical standards for the product, At present there is no domestic electric cars intelligent sensors of the relevant standards, Suzhou City, we passed the strict supervision of technical quality of the test was the "product implementation of the standards certificate," and this is the quality of Czech-company guarantee the legal basis for the Czech Republic - production processes and product testing as a norm.

9, Czech Republic-sensor to protect the consistency?

A: The Czech Republic-Czech-product consistency is the product are proud of a connection, as the smart sensor output speed of the electric car is different from the output, that is, the sensor output signal is absolute, and the governor The output signal is relative, the protection of consistency is an important indicator of product, otherwise this will have a big car Afterburner than the embarrassment of small cars Afterburner, McNair-products companies to improve the quality of consistency, the application A normalization of the technology, allowing for a high consistency of the water goods, it can be completely assured.

10, Czech Republic-sensor to adapt to a variety of models?

Answer: McNair-intelligent torque sensor can be applied in addition to the rear wheel motors, can also be applied to various column and the front wheel hub motor motors, variable speed can be applied to domestic and foreign cars. Tooth size can be set from 34 to 52 teeth teeth, the crank is standard, normally 170 mm and 152 mm.

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